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Portable Ga-ga Pit |Top Quality Ga-ga Ball Pit|

Octopit USA’s gaga ball pit was created to fill the need for a commercially rated, safe and durable alternative to home-made wooden gaga ball pits that are difficult to handle, complicated to layout, and burdensome to construct. Made of 3/16” plate steel leg-stands and light weight, reinforced, polyvinyl side-walls, these units are built to last. No bolts or screws are needed.  Angles are preset for easy layout and it only takes, 2 to 3 people, about 15 minutes to assemble.  Light weight panels are easy to handle and store, and are impervious to water and corrosion. Our portable gaga pits are easy to assemble. That’s the way we build them.

Use in a gymnasium or on a playground. The non-marking rubber foot-pads protect the floor and prevent movement during intensive Gaga Ball play. The foot-pads can be removed for a permanent installation on concrete or asphalt surfaces. Unit diameters may be adjusted by simply using shorter or longer side-rails, depending upon your space requirements. The construction and design of the Octopit Gaga pit allows for the fastest and safest assembly of any gaga pit in the industry.

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